Running at a Snail's Pace...

...but determined to get there in the end!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Its only 3 days until Christmas!

Morning all!

Having felt like an old woman yesterday, I went back to the drawing board with my training plan for this week as I really didn't feel that I could pull my body through 3 mile reps yesterday at the club. So, I 'rested' yesterday evening in front of the box (watched a really interesting programme about the Titanic with Baldrick aka Tony Robinson, and then the making of Live it was worth staying in for).

My revised plan is thus:

Monday - 1 mile swim
Tuesday - rest
Wednesday - 3 miles
Thursday - rest
Friday - rest
Saturday - 6 miles
Christmas Day - 3 miles.....if I feel I can drag myself away from helping cook the Christmas lunch ; )

So, with the new plan in mind, I am just back from my 3 mile run which went off without a hitch. I have to say that I found it harder than Sunday's effort but I think that is because my muscles have truely forgotten what it feels like to run! I wanted to stop after 1.5 miles and walk for a bit, but I resisted and used markers to get myself round the rest ie: keep going until you reach the bin on the left....keep going until you reach the tree on the right.

3 miles: 28.56

Reading Charlie Chuckles blog today made me giggle, as I had a similar situation with my Christmas tree, only ours never actually made it up because we tore off some of it's branches by mistake trying to get it out of the loft! It is now in the bin and we are using our Dracaena plant as a substitute tree (see pic!)...I think it quite likes it's new role mascarading as a Christmas tree!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

In pain...

...ouch, ooohhh, ouch...I ache this morning! It hurts when I lift my arms up, it hurts when I move my legs one in front of the other, it hurts to walk up and down the stairs (down being worse than up!).

What training have I put myself down for today?[scrolls down to previous entries] Er, that will be 2x3 mile reps then (which also includes a hill)....hmmmm, I may have to rethink that one, else I am not going to be able to move by Christmas Day!

I am off for an interview this morning, so fingers crossed all goes well....must remember to bare the pain as I walk into the interview room, sit down and cross my legs!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Mission accomplished!

Yipppeee, I finished my first training session at the pool today without too much hassle (well, apart from the little kid that insisted on swimming in front of me at the slowest pace possible... and then when I tried to overtake him, just sped up...!)

1 mile: 45.24
Number of plasters counted at the bottom of the pool: 3


The one about D-Day...

I had hoped to write yesterday after my run, but somehow wrapping presents and writing endless Christmas cards kind of got in the way. Bit of a shame really, as it would have been written off the back of a great run! I did a gentle 3 miles around the country lanes near my house and even though it was freezing cold, I felt totally alive...such a great feeling.

Anyway, today is D-day for 18 weeks until the London Marathon and time to follow the training plan that I have set out for myself:

Today: 1 mile swim
Tuesday: Running club session (1-2 x 3 miles with 3 mins recovery)
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: rest
Saturday:3 miles
Sunday: Eat, drink and get very merry!

Merry Crimble everyone!

Monday, December 12, 2005

The one where life just got a little hectic!

When someone close to you tragically dies, it kind of puts things into perspective doesn't it? This happened to me recently (hence the reason why I have only had the opportunity to write two entries on my blog) as a close family friend was killed by a drunk driver on the road outside my parents house as he walked the 50metres back to his house. The ironic thing is that he recenly battled against, and won, a fight against just isn't fair is it? Anyway, the last couple of weeks have proved particularly humbling for me....and training has been the last thing on my mind.

I had hoped to get out running and swimming this week, but unfortuanately the round of Xmas parties seem to all be happening this week, so I have resigned to the fact that it just ain't gonna happen!

But, all is not lost as Hal Higdon has come to my rescue (well his website anyway!) and as of Monday 19th December, I will start my 18 week training plan with a vengence and excuses not to, will NOT stand up in court!

Fear not peeps, I will not be a Marie Celeste....

Friday, December 02, 2005

The one about not actually sticking to my training plan...and it is only DAY 1!

Okay, I have failed at the first hurdle. I had all intentions of getting up early this morning and going for an ickle jog around town, Ipod in tow...but having spent a bit of time at the A&E last night (luckily not me, but my poor husband who badly sprained his ankle on Monday night playing should be getting better, but it has swollen up like a big balloon), I just couldn't drag myself out of my pit this morning. This is not looking so good.

But, I mustn't be defeatest...instead I am going to write down my training plan for next week so that I have no excuses not to stick to it:

Sunday - 3 mile trot around the roads near my house
Monday - 1 mile swim
Tuesday - training session at the club (not sure what it is yet)
Friday - 4 mile jog

Yes, looking back at it now it looks tame...but remember I am only just getting back into it! I promise there will be more juicy runs and training sessions over the next few months!


Thursday, December 01, 2005

The one about getting into the London Marathon....eeek!

So has actually happened...and there I was all ready to hang up my trainers for good!

My running career started over two years ago when a friend of mine suggested pounding the streets as a good way to lose weight! I seemed to be on a permanent diet and at the time I was up for anything, yes anything that would help me get my figure back! I didn't ever think for one moment that I would actually enjoy running! But I do, I love it...nothing beats that amazing feeling when you have finished a run (good or bad)! I am officially hooked... well, that is to say until I got married in August when my running career came to an abrupt halt!

Somehow everything else got in the way, and I could no longer find time to go out for a long run, or even a short one to come to mention it. Slowly but surely my fitness has ebbed away (god, this sounds like such a sob story...someone hand me a hanky!) and I have tried for the last few weeks to get back into it, but the oomph just hasn't been there.

But folks, all is not lost as a little package came through my post box on Monday to say CONGRATULATIONS - YOU ARE IN! I had almost forgotten that I had entered the London Marathon....and it is the challenge that I so desperately need to get me back up and running (s'cuse the pun!). So on 23rd April 06 I will embark on the 2nd biggest challenge of my life - to complete the race in under 4hrs 30 (my first was to finish it at all in April this year, and I accomplished that successfully!).

So this evening I would like to give my Oscar speech and give a mention of thanks...

Firstly to Flora for fixing your ballot system to let me in (only joking...but really, how do they work out who gets in and who doesn't?!!). This will give me the kick up the wotzit that I need!

Secondly to those that mentioned about blogging on the website - you will know who you are when you read this! I think by writing about my thoughts, fears, general state of mind throughout my training will help give me the motivation to keep going, however tough it might be!

So until the next time....................!