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Thursday, December 01, 2005

The one about getting into the London Marathon....eeek!

So has actually happened...and there I was all ready to hang up my trainers for good!

My running career started over two years ago when a friend of mine suggested pounding the streets as a good way to lose weight! I seemed to be on a permanent diet and at the time I was up for anything, yes anything that would help me get my figure back! I didn't ever think for one moment that I would actually enjoy running! But I do, I love it...nothing beats that amazing feeling when you have finished a run (good or bad)! I am officially hooked... well, that is to say until I got married in August when my running career came to an abrupt halt!

Somehow everything else got in the way, and I could no longer find time to go out for a long run, or even a short one to come to mention it. Slowly but surely my fitness has ebbed away (god, this sounds like such a sob story...someone hand me a hanky!) and I have tried for the last few weeks to get back into it, but the oomph just hasn't been there.

But folks, all is not lost as a little package came through my post box on Monday to say CONGRATULATIONS - YOU ARE IN! I had almost forgotten that I had entered the London Marathon....and it is the challenge that I so desperately need to get me back up and running (s'cuse the pun!). So on 23rd April 06 I will embark on the 2nd biggest challenge of my life - to complete the race in under 4hrs 30 (my first was to finish it at all in April this year, and I accomplished that successfully!).

So this evening I would like to give my Oscar speech and give a mention of thanks...

Firstly to Flora for fixing your ballot system to let me in (only joking...but really, how do they work out who gets in and who doesn't?!!). This will give me the kick up the wotzit that I need!

Secondly to those that mentioned about blogging on the website - you will know who you are when you read this! I think by writing about my thoughts, fears, general state of mind throughout my training will help give me the motivation to keep going, however tough it might be!

So until the next time....................!


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