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Friday, December 02, 2005

The one about not actually sticking to my training plan...and it is only DAY 1!

Okay, I have failed at the first hurdle. I had all intentions of getting up early this morning and going for an ickle jog around town, Ipod in tow...but having spent a bit of time at the A&E last night (luckily not me, but my poor husband who badly sprained his ankle on Monday night playing should be getting better, but it has swollen up like a big balloon), I just couldn't drag myself out of my pit this morning. This is not looking so good.

But, I mustn't be defeatest...instead I am going to write down my training plan for next week so that I have no excuses not to stick to it:

Sunday - 3 mile trot around the roads near my house
Monday - 1 mile swim
Tuesday - training session at the club (not sure what it is yet)
Friday - 4 mile jog

Yes, looking back at it now it looks tame...but remember I am only just getting back into it! I promise there will be more juicy runs and training sessions over the next few months!



  • At 10:59 am, Blogger Evil Pixie said…

    You have total justification not to run today. It's also early days so plenty of time for FLM!
    See you at Mile 17 where I will be with the other RW peeps supporting!

  • At 3:02 pm, Blogger C A D said…

    Pixel... you know you'd rather be running. Have you entered Liverpool Half yet...?

    Hi Snail! Nice Blog


  • At 11:19 am, Blogger Charlie Chuckles said…

    Hey Snail's Pace, well done for getting in, I was knocked back in the ballot for the third year running.......still waiting for my bloody fleece but have got a charity place with the Stroke Association so now all I have to do is train for a marathon, lose 2 stone and raise 2.5grand.....piece of p*ss!

    Hope the 3 miler went well today..

  • At 6:32 pm, Blogger Leon said…

    It's not tame at all
    You are planning your week.. and that is a zillion percent more than most of the population

    ..and you have to start somewhere.

    So... how did your run today go..??


  • At 7:09 pm, Blogger Snail's Pace said…

    Cheers all - run actually went pretty well today...admittedly I was running off last nights over indulgence...but all in all it felt good to be back!

    Now how to do I link to all of your blogs? Bit new to all of this!

  • At 7:07 am, Blogger C A D said…

    Happy Monday Snail!!!

    Hope the 1 mile swim goes okay today. We bloggy the swim training too - so don't forget!

    Nice to see you worked out the linky thing. Looks like you been here ages now (along with the rest of us)


  • At 3:14 pm, Blogger Leon said…

    So - have you done your 4 miler today..??

    How's it all going..?


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