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Monday, December 12, 2005

The one where life just got a little hectic!

When someone close to you tragically dies, it kind of puts things into perspective doesn't it? This happened to me recently (hence the reason why I have only had the opportunity to write two entries on my blog) as a close family friend was killed by a drunk driver on the road outside my parents house as he walked the 50metres back to his house. The ironic thing is that he recenly battled against, and won, a fight against just isn't fair is it? Anyway, the last couple of weeks have proved particularly humbling for me....and training has been the last thing on my mind.

I had hoped to get out running and swimming this week, but unfortuanately the round of Xmas parties seem to all be happening this week, so I have resigned to the fact that it just ain't gonna happen!

But, all is not lost as Hal Higdon has come to my rescue (well his website anyway!) and as of Monday 19th December, I will start my 18 week training plan with a vengence and excuses not to, will NOT stand up in court!

Fear not peeps, I will not be a Marie Celeste....


  • At 1:25 pm, Blogger C A D said…


    Glad to see you back!

    Oh and you're a "loveboat" too then huh..?


  • At 1:42 pm, Blogger Evil Pixie said…

    2yrs ago my grandfather passed away (10th Dec), because he died in hospital and the death was not related to why he was admitted they had to do a post mortem. We ended up finally burying him on Christmas Eve.
    There is never a good time of year to lose a loved one but Christmas just seems that bit worse as that's when you are supposed to be happy and jolly etc.
    I actually found running was helpful as it allowed me time alone with just my thoughts and memories. It didn't matter if I cried and I came to the conclusion that g'dad had been delighted when I got into FLM and he would have wanted me to do well so by not training I was almost letting him down. So running was time for me to reflect and remember him. I ran FLM for him.
    Take care

  • At 4:25 pm, Blogger Snail's Pace said…

    Hi to you both!

    Thanks for your kind words...really appreciate it.

    Yep, a 'Loveboat' I is...!!!

  • At 6:31 am, Blogger C A D said…

    Morning Snail - happy Tuesday!



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